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Content Differences Between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

This is a big one and one that a lot of bands hassle me about constantly. Many bands out there seem to think that they can just connect their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts and call it a day, updating them all at once like they are some sort of robot god. This is assuredly...

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Your Personal Social Media Profiles And Your Brand

Something that a lot of people have brought up to me recently has been my Facebook presence, hell, my social media presence n general. It’s extremely different from a lot of other peoples out there and not just because I have a weird super intense lifestyle. Rather it is because I direct my social media...

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Nirvana Is The Key

by MATT BACON > What if I told you the most influential rock band of the last thirty years was fronted by a guy whose favorite bands included Swans and Celtic Frost? What if I told you that this band, after their mainstream breakout release then proceeded to put out a surprisingly challenging experimental rock...

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Why Podcasting Matters In The Music Industry

Maybe I listen to Kevin Smith too much, and maybe I’m just a self centered nerd – but I gotta say, podcasting is quite possibly one of the most important developments in the music industry of the past few years. It feels like everywhere you look – from your favorite indie labels, to the hippest...

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Why ARE There So Many PR Companies Anyway?

A good friend of mine posted a Facebook status the other day asking, “Since when did everyone and their mothers own a music promotion company?” This after all is an excellent question. With all of my music writing gigs around the webernets I get hundreds of records a week in my inbox and it feels...

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What Indie Bands Don’t Understand About Branding On Social Media

Branding on social media is crucial to your bands success – it’s just a pity that so few bands understand what it is and how to do it well. While it might seem initially easy to put together your brand on a social media page, it’s clearly a lot more complicated than it looks since...

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