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dj shadow

12 Essential Electronic Music Artists For Rock Fans

Many music fans simply don’t know where to start with “electronic music”. With a daunting, ever-widening scope of sub-genres within sub-genres, it seems that plunging in would be similar to exploring the Universe; witnessing phenomena without end. For those not into the club, DJ, or rave scenes, or who typically enjoy soaking in the warm...

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Stanley Kubrixxx “Shape Shifter” Local Natives Remix

Stanley Kubrixxx has released quite the show-stopping remix video for “Shape Shifter” which appears on his new album “Instrumentals Vol 2”, available now at Bandcamp. Reminiscent of DJ Shadow- hip hop mixed with dubstep, it’s a complete assault on the senses, and I mean that in the best possible way. If he had a bio...

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