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Edge of the World

Independent Music Promotions Client Les Techno

The Les Techno Starter Pack: Things to Know Before You Listen [Plus Dance Tracks You’ll Love Listening To]

An early adopter of Moog, (he loves experimenting with analog tapes) Les Techno is at the party at the edge of the world, where we’re all deep frying inside of hell’s pressure cooker on earth, AKA the Amazon rainforest. Gulp. His popular electro-goth, post-punk track, “Edge of the World,” was his response to the world...

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Alternative Pop Musician Les Techno "Edge of the World" Single Cover Artwork

Purveyor of Cool, Subversive Pop, Les Techno returns with Dystopian ‘Edge of the World’ single

Les Techno. Purveyor of cool, subversive Pop, with one foot planted in a dystopian David Lynch future, and the other securely in heady post-punk and gothy 80’s retro vibrations. Les Techno‘s self-produced string of recent singles have all exuded a surrealist attitude and a strange, moody, spacious, danceable signature sound. His latest single “Edge of the World”...

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