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House Musician DJ Patsan Releases Electrifying Single “Come This Way”

House Musician DJ Patsan Releases Electrifying Single “Come This Way” Thailand-based EDM House Musician and Producer DJ Patsan has announced the release of his electrifying new club-ready single “Come This Way”, due for independent release on January 28th. The rousing new release includes a radio mix plus extended and instrumental versions composed in house, dance and commercial...

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Is Arca the Next Bowie? Why This Venezolana Glitch Producer Could Be the Most Important Artist in a Generation

Ok, we know it’s a bold statement, but if you’ve seen this Venezuelan music and multimedia artist’s aesthetic, the way she pushes boundaries and the quality of her work, you’ve got to draw some parallels. Like David Bowie in the 70s, Arca’s entre into the art world (it seems limiting to just call her a...

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CALVERT Brings Powerhouse Vocals and Pro Collaborations on New EP “This Beautiful Life” Vol 1

NYC’s pop/dance champion and acclaimed performer CALVERT unleashes a steady stream of inspiration on energized debut EP “This Beautiful Life, Vol. 1”, described as a ‘true labor of love’by the artist. Helping CALVERT bring this release to us are Jonathan Mendelsohn (producer, writer), Jamey Ray (arranger, orchestrator, producer), Alex Psaroudakis (mastering) and Pablo St Martin (mixing). “Wanna Be” is a cover...

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Skrillex; YAY or NAY?

It feels like the artist known as Skrillex, a.k.a Sonny Moore, has been around for AGES. The oft-hated, maligned dubstep pioneer has been on the scene for a good four years or so, without a solid, traditional LP release to boot. Instead the American put out lots and lots of EPs to the world, that...

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DJ Trevor Simpson and Kosplay Pay Tribute to “Mad Men” With Dance Track

San Francisco-based DJ/electronic artist DJ Trevor Simpson has teamed up with fellow EDM artist Kosplay to pay tribute to one of the most popular shows ever to air; AMC’s Mad Men. Hats off to the artists for continually building their fanbase and engaging new listeners through networks like Soundcloud. Through a mixture of smart promotion...

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Electronic Dance Music Fans Will Love Fukker Mikey’s Enigma Pop Release “Northern Lights”

While I’m fussy with electronic music (as with all genres, you have to mine for gold), I was contacted recently by an artist named Fukker Mikey, a Turkish/Greek producer/songwriter who has made quite a name for himself amongst EDM, electro and hip hop crowds. His upcoming album is entitled “Hologram of Enigma”, and he’s coined...

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Exclusive Interview with DJ and Producer Shlomi Levi

Today we have an exclusive with DJ, producer, and electronic music artist Shlomi Levi. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions, Shlomi. Please share with us what made you decide to become a DJ and a producer? I think that I at first I became a DJ by mistake by saving another DJ in a party I...

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