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Exclusive Interview with DJ and Producer Shlomi Levi

Today we have an exclusive with DJ, producer, and electronic music artist Shlomi Levi. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions, Shlomi. Please share with us what made you decide to become a DJ and a producer? I think that I at first I became a DJ by mistake by saving another DJ in a party I...

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Jeff Higgins delivers ambient, mind-expanding sounds with “Profit Prophet”

When I found out that Jeff Higgins, music blogger extraordinaire over at Groove Sandwich, was also a musician and had recently released an electronic music album¬†called “Profit Prophet” (no, it’s not a concept album about Ted Haggard), I had to check it out. Ambient, dark and experimental, this is music you could listen to while...

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Exclusive interview with trance ambient masters Remergence

Remergence is a trance/ambient electronic duo (Karen Woodham, Jake Jones) from North Wales who have been creating and releasing music since 1997. As would be expected for a music career this long, there is a high amount of output and the work itself is fantastic. Inspired by acts like The Orbital, Sven Vath, Tangerine Dream,...

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Zayad Hassan creates healing, ambient electronic music

Zayad Hassan is an electronic artist from Bangladesh who has already achieved some substantial success – his debut album entitled “Spirit” sold over 5,000 copies and he currently has over 8,000 Facebook fans. That’s something most indie artists only dream about. His work has a dreamlike, natural “healing” quality and it definitely ranks amongst the...

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Paul Loeb reimagines Eric Whitacre’s “October” for house music perfection

Tackling a cover of a renowned artist or composer is a tall task in and of itself, but when it’s pulled off in a new genre with high doses of originality and a spirit of exploration, it elevates and inspires the listener with a new piece of art – a worthy amalgamation of styles. House/electronic...

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Plastic Operator takes cues from Moby and UNKLE

With equal elements pop candy and sonically charged up electronic club bounce, Plastic Operator‘s new single “Making It Right” is catchier than almost anything you’re likely to hear on the radio. Taking cues from artists like Moby and UNKLE, this is electronic music with an indie spirit and some emotion, melody and song writing in...

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Pewee In The Garage Creates Angelic Soundscapes

Pewee In The Garage is a unique solo project from Jakarta, Indonesia – all the work of one woman who uses music as an escape from her daily life. The results are surprisingly good on tracks such as “Menage a Quatre”, where the groove soothes and the vocals sound like early Massive Attack on tracks...

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Fans of Bassnectar and Infected Mushroom will love Rustique

Electronic music has really exploded over the past 10 years. In fact, it’s been exploding for about 30 years, but it keeps getting bigger and bigger. This is because it provides more than enough tools for constant innovation and growth. Melbourne-based electronic/dance/dubstep producer Rustique brings us an exciting combination of electronic genres while also staying...

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