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Indie Rock Musician Brad Harris channels The Beatles

Indie Rock Musician Brady Harris Channels The Beatles on New EP

Indie Rock Musician Brady Harris Channels The Beatles on New EP Any fans of The Beatles looking for new music? Indie Rock Musician and Producer Brady Harris further evolves his signature Beatles-infused Americana Rock sound as he welcomes listeners to his sonic abode on new release “Hotel In The Sky”. Brady’s latest record features crunchy...

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Exclusive Interview with Singer Songwriter Putnam Murdock

Today’s exclusive interview is with up-and-coming folk/Americana singer/songwriter Putnam Murdock, whose album “Brand New Widow” has some stunningly good material.  Putnam, I enjoyed “Brand New Widow” especially for its patience and honest delivery. It sounds traditional but fresh. How did your songwriting develop to this point and how long did you work on crafting these...

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Common Swift Will Appeal To Radiohead Fans With “Passing Spirit” EP

Common Swift are a 3-piece indie rock band hailing from Madison, Wisconsin. Inspired by artists such as Radiohead and Deerhoof, the band sets out into ambitious, emotionally charged territory with their “Passing Spirit” EP. The fact that I heard different influences pop up every 30 seconds or so is a testament to the maturity and...

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For fans of Jeff Buckley – Josh Romig’s “Rivermouth”

I’m not sure exactly why my ratio of truly inspired submissions seems to be much higher than ratios that many other music blogs whine about. I can be quite the judgemental music listener in the sense that, I expect passion, and in the mainstream it can be hard to come by, like mining for gold....

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Could Dale Turner’s “Mannerism’s Magnified” Cause Neurogenesis?

Exercise. Meditation. Active learning. Ginkgo buloba. Dale Turner. Though more research may be required, I would bank on the fact that ALL of these things encourage the healthy process of neurogenesis (the growth of new brain cells) in the human brain. Just after going through a phase of being entranced by Brian Wilson’s work on...

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Derisory, I Am – The Next Death Cab For Cutie?

Derisory, I Am is a somewhat mysterious independent solo artist from Dallas, Texas who shows an enormous amount of raw talent in the acoustic genre. I say that because there don’t appear to be pictures or bio info posted on the artist, but, contrary to many who think that you need to tweet every hour...

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