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email etiquette

3 Email Etiquette Tips for Winning Over a Music Blogger’s Attention

Early bird gets the worm, and that is true for almost all online media people itching at the chance to break a story. It’s the same with music, too; journalists and bloggers take pride in “discovering the band” before anyone else, which is why they are quick to jump on premieres or new releases. But...

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5 Ways to Get More Replies from Your Emails

A big part of the business side of the music industry is sending emails. Whether you’re trying to reach out to bloggers or playlist curators, negotiating a licensing deal, or even responding to potential band members who’ve contacted you through craigslist, it’s important that you write your emails in a way that makes people want...

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Industry Interview with Crystal Lee from Vandala Concepts

Crystal Lee is the CEO of Vandala Concepts, a very ambitious entertainment company offering just about every service you could imagine to independent artists, not to mention a magazine, and she has the industry knowledge to make it all effective. Crystal, Please tell us about Vandala Concepts, how you got started with it and what...

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