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IMP Interviews Author Christopher McKittrick

By ELI JACE > The new book, Can’t Give It Away On Seventh Avenue by Christopher McKittrick, examines the interlocking histories of New York City and The Rolling Stones. It’s a fascinating read that charts the path of an English rock band in America’s most cultured city. Independent Music Promotions sat down with the author...

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by ELI JACE > So I met with Chase H. Mason – vox and growler for GATECREEPER – a few blocks from the Nile Theater in Mesa, Arizona where the group’s upcoming tour will end at the one-day fest, Within These Walls. It’s early September and in about a month on October 7, the metal...

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Innovation in Music Series – Juno Reactor Exclusive Interview

Welcome to the 2nd installment of our “Innovation in Music Series”, where I interview artists who have blazed a path for themselves by following their hearts and bringing something truly vital and original to the world. The first interview in the series was with progressive metal giants Animals As Leaders. Today’s interview is with an...

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Exclusive Interview with Hillbilly Vegas

Coming to us from Nashville with some unusually hard-hitting and downright stomp-worthy country rock, Hillbilly Vegas have granted me an exclusive interview. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions, guys. I really enjoyed your new album “Ringo Manor”. Those songs must be an absolute ball to perform live! When you write, do you imagine the live energy...

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Industry Expert Jim Hughes of WAP Publishing Explains Music Licensing

Jim Hughes is a music licensing expert, music-supervisor at WAP Publishing and founder of, a network of film composers, bands, sound-designers and post-production professionals. He is constantly searching for music for placements in advertisements and film, and interested artists may contact him through Music XRay. Hi Jim. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions. Please tell...

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Exclusive Interview With The Offset

Alternative rock band The Offset are celebrating the release of their newly released self-titled EP, which has a classic 90’s alternative sound. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions, guys. Tell us about your brand new EP “The Offset” and how it came about. By the way, I loved the cover art. Our new EP is really...

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Exclusive interview with Chicago rock n roll singer songwriter Colin Tyler

Chicago singer-songwriter Colin Tyler took the time to share some of his views on his recent work, as well as the music industry. Listening to some of his material, he really strikes me as a gifted rock n’ roll songwriter, the kind that I wish there were more of. Either way, with people like Colin...

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My chat with political punk rockers Last Shot Fired

  Today I connected with Mike & Roxy from the politically charged punk rock band Last Shot Fired. Don’t let the term “politically charged” scare you away, kids. This band is also catchy as hell, and they know how to write serious hooks. If more bands could infuse some intelligence in their writing, perhaps…well, there’s...

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Exclusive interview with DE///LION

Welcome to Independent Music Promotions! Your recent music video was a great addition to the Occupy movement so congrats on that. Tell us about DE//LION and what’s new with the band. Thanks man, this video was a process of more than a year and its kind of Prophetic the relevancy for todays matters. ? Thanks...

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