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Advertising On Facebook

by MATT BACON > I think one of the big struggles we are going to be facing in the next few years is social media advertisement (Facebook advertising). Like it or not (And let’s be real – probably not) it’s extremely difficult to set up ads within social media and these high barriers of entry...

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Music marketing immediacy in American Idol

Music Marketing for Musicians – The Problem with Immediate Culture

Music Marketing for Musicians – The Problem with Immediate Culture Music marketing is not as common a thing as you may think. The fact is, most artists would rather make up a concept about it than learn about it. When I released “Your Band Is A Virus” and launched Independent Music Promotions, I was surprised...

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Monks of Mellonwah represented by alternative rock music promotions company Independent Music Promotions

9 Ways To Make Your Music Go Viral

Monks of Mellonwah are an example of an act who have, and are, covering all the bases while still being true to their artistic vision, and it’s paying off, with worldwide tour dates, licensing deals, radio play, a rapidly growing fanbase, and over 300 press pieces worldwide. Check out our social proof section for details....

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7 Reasons Why Musicians Should Never Ignore Facebook

Let’s make one thing clear about Facebook for musicians. I’ve received arguments lately that “it’s not about the likes. It’s about the music” and “it doesn’t matter how many likes you have”. Ok, those are very common, safe arguments usually meant as a barrier to action on Facebook. Have you ever not been able to...

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