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Hard Rock Band Modern Monsters Revel in Grit on “Malice”

Hard Rock Band Modern Monsters Revel in Grit on “Malice” Bay Area Hard Rock Band Modern Monsters deliver serious emotional intensity and sonic grit on their brazen new EP “Malice”, due March 24 on streaming platforms. The quintet dig deep into their roots with equal parts anthemic melodies and lyrical mischief, drawing on hard rock influences like Faith...

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Mike Patton’s visceral supergroup is back with a vengeance.

Mike Patton’s visceral supergroup is back with a vengeance. In absurd times, it’s always helpful to look to Mike Patton for insight. The profoundly prolific frontman can be consistently counted on to provide biting social commentary and daft comedic buffoonery, often melding the two together into one lethal dose of satire. To our good fortune,...

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Who Says There’s No Good Music Anymore? Here Are The 50 Best Albums of the 2010’s

Anyone who quips that there’s no good music anymore needs to open up and let it in. Music is more daring, experimental and free than ever, and the artists who fearlessly explore are often rewarded with appreciation from the music loving community. From edgy late-in-life releases like Bowie’s ‘blackstar’ to mind-expanding opuses like Kamasi Washington’s...

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Korn’s Follow the Leader, Two Decades On

By ELI JACE > The year is 1998. Jonathan Davis barks back at a speeding bullet, sending it back through gas stations, backyard birthday parties and other scenes of sweet, late-century America, in the video for Korn’s “Freak On A Leash.” Without a doubt, one of the finest music videos, embracing the concept of a...

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Dillinger Escape Plan’s “One Of Us Is The Killer” Lights A Fire Of Inspiration

Dillinger Escape Plan are back with the newly released “One Of Us Is The Killer”, out now via Sumerian Records. They’re a band that continually evolve, and to many, their last outing “Option Paralysis” was about as good as it gets; daring, frantic, and passionate. Well, I’ve listened to the new album about 4 times...

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