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Jon C. Ireson’s Top Albums of 2021

Jon C. Ireson’s Top Albums of 2021 With the entirety of 2021 lived under the thumb of the pandemic, this year was again focused on recorded music. Aside from ill-advised super-spreader events in the southern states during the summer and a slew of cancelled/restricted shows in the fall, the live music scene was crippled once...

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New Textures For the Old Ceremony: The Foo Fighters’ tight new rock ‘n’ roll record.

New Textures For the Old Ceremony: The Foo Fighters’ tight new rock ‘n’ roll record. With a Rock n Roll Hall of Fame nomination and a slot in the Presidential Inauguration that was both expected and lauded, there are a lot of miles and years between the fatherly Foo Fighters of now and the scrappy...

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2015’s hottest European festivals

It’s May and festival season is just about to get into full swing. If you find yourself around the European continent this summer, though, what can you expect to see? Rock en Seine, Paris, France While its name might say otherwise, Paris’ best festival is a diverse, eclectic take on modern-day music that takes a...

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UK Rockers Black Circles Release “Playing Games” Music Video Featuring Animated Bears

Hailing from Kent, UK, independent alternative rock group Black Circles come suited up with loud guitars and good song structure on their new single “Playing Games”. The trio is certainly solid, taking cues from bands like the Foo Fighters, early Smashing Pumpkins, and the power pop genre. The band teamed up with Iluzija Animation Studio for...

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Exclusive Interview with Rock n’ Roll Revivalists Doug Ratner and the Watchmen

Today’s exclusive is with Doug Ratner and the Watchmen, who are some of the brave souls out there reviving rock n’ roll, and if their new EP is any indication, they’ll be a big part of the process. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions, guys. After listening to your new EP “Lessons Well Learned”, I was...

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Exclusive Interview with Hillbilly Vegas

Coming to us from Nashville with some unusually hard-hitting and downright stomp-worthy country rock, Hillbilly Vegas have granted me an exclusive interview. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions, guys. I really enjoyed your new album “Ringo Manor”. Those songs must be an absolute ball to perform live! When you write, do you imagine the live energy...

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Sam Page – Waiting for Another Spring

An extremely solid rock track called “Lottery” comes to us this morning from Southern California singer/songwriter Sam Page. Think Foo Fighters meets Sam Roberts and you’ll have a pretty good idea of the kind of energy he’s dishing out. Pleasant surprises abound in the dirtiness of the guitar riffage and the stellar range of Page’s...

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Interview with Edmonton rock band Surviving Suzanne

Today we have an exclusive interview with Kami, the lead vocalist for up-and-coming Edmonton based rock band Surviving Suzanne. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions. Please fill us in on what’s new with the band. At the moment we are busy writing songs for our debut album. We just returned from playing in Hollywood, California and...

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