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Who Says There’s No Good Music Anymore? Here Are The 50 Best Albums of the 2010’s

Anyone who quips that there’s no good music anymore needs to open up and let it in. Music is more daring, experimental and free than ever, and the artists who fearlessly explore are often rewarded with appreciation from the music loving community. From edgy late-in-life releases like Bowie’s ‘blackstar’ to mind-expanding opuses like Kamasi Washington’s...

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Rising Rapper J'Moris

The Best New Rap, Trap and Hip Hop – Our Music Discovery Playlist on Spotify

Follow our Curated Rap, Trap and Hip Hop Spotify playlist and play us on shuffle! We introduce high quality unsigned artists to listeners alongside major acts. Hear Future, Freddie Gibbs and Gucci Mane next to rising stars like J’Moris and Young Goats. 1 Black Power – Ant Tha Giant 2 Lucid – Cw Allen 3...

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Genre-Less Music Fans And The Future Of Music

One of the most important things to remember about music is that embracing diversity I the best way to get far in it. That is to say – people who have a single and monolithic taste seem to never get as far in the business as those who embrace all types of music. To some...

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What Facebooks Licensing Deal With UMG Means For Your Band

So it finally happened – Facebook set up a licensing deal with Universal Music and I’m sure that licensing deals with the other majors are soon to follow. They are going to finally get what they want , and if they really want have us all by the balls. This is going to make for...

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Net Neutrality, Your Indie Band and Futlility

The dialog around net neutrality is kind of a huge issue right now and something I’ve thought about a lot. I’ve called, texted and emailed congressmen as countless friends of mine have. It’s something that is going to directly impact what is at this point essentially a natural resource, even for people who don’t have...

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The Importance Of Playlisting

So playlisting, this is a big one, a hard one, and one that I think is going to define the future of the music industry. Playlisting is, simply put, the act of getting your music placed on playlists, usually on Spotify since that is the largest fully interactive streaming platform. With platforms like Apple Music...

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