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The Last Cult: Murdoc Reveals his Genius Plan for World Domination…and a New Gorillaz Album

When you think about it, with his character as it is as resident megalomaniac, official 2-D torturer and founding bass player of cartoon supergroup Gorillaz, it’s sort of surprising that it’s taken 22 years for Murdoc to come up with this cult idea. With his hunger for the fame and adoration of any and all...

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‘The Lost Chord’ and The Last Dance – Gorillaz End ‘Song Machine Season One’ With all the Feels

  We must have known this day was coming but fans still weren’t prepared for the last video entry from Gorillaz’s groundbreaking Song Machine Season One format would come so soon. Gorillaz announced on YouTube and their Instagram page that “The Lost Chord” featuring Leee John would be the “season finale,” so to speak, and...

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We Watched All Three Gorillaz ‘Song Machine’ Livestream Concerts; Here’s What Happened

How could we not? The UK livestream site LIVENow streamed the three-performance “Live from Kong Studios” special on December 12-13 (corresponding with different timezones around the world) and the Gorillaz offered an “around the world” experience where fans got to see all three performances and, for over-observant critics like the one typing these words, compare...

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Gorillaz ‘Song Machine Season One: Strange Timez’ Full Album Is out, and We Had to Take a Minute to Gather Our Thoughts

So much has happened with Gorillaz and their magical song machine since the release of the video for “Strange Times” and our wordy review of the Robert Smith collab. The beloved virtual band announced that Song Machine would be made into an album or rather a “season,” called Strange Timez. Before it released on October 23, the...

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The New Gorillaz Song Machine Video Heralds an Upcoming Album: Robert Freaking Smith Collabs on ‘Strange Timez’!

OK that’s it – who else was just completely not ready for the emotional, political, fun and funky ball of wax that is “Strange Timez”? Every track so far on the Song Machine series has been monumentally great, with the collabs all adding something new and unique to  the mix, but this one is truly something...

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New Gorillaz Song Machine Track Sees the Band Back in the Studio With Schoolboy Q…Sort Of

It’s that magical time once again where Gorillaz blow everyone’s minds with a new Song Machine track. “Pac Man” features rap legend Schoolboy Q and apparently of even more consequence to the fans, 2D with pupils. It’s a wild ride to say the least. Musically, “Pac Man” is fun and a throwback to old school, or at...

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New Gorillaz Song Machine Track ‘Friday 13th’ Feat. Octavian a Beautiful Support Anthem for BLM

New Gorillaz Song Machine Track ‘Friday 13th’ Feat. Octavian a Beautiful Support Anthem for BLM One really has to wonder how quickly Gorillaz are making these Song Machine tracks and animations because they’re becoming more and more poignant and germane to the current times that it almost feels like they can’t have been made too long...

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Rest In Peace Tony Allen – Gorillaz Release Their Next Song Machine Track Early in Honor of Drum Legend’s Passing

Given the length of time between releases in Gorillaz new Song Machine series, many fans were quite surprised that a new track called “How Far?” was released on YouTube yesterday. That is, of course, until the news dropped just a few hours later that legendary drummer and creator of afrobeat drum style Tony Allen had...

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New Music: Greg Puciato - Fire for Water

New Music: Singles Roundup April 2020

New Music: Singles Roundup April 2020 The industry has shifted back to a singles market from its LP-ruling heyday. Even more so now that Covid-19 has ground the world to a standstill. Artists are left with whatever they had recorded before lockdown, often short of a full album. They also have an audience that is...

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APB: New Gorillaz Song Machine Track Dropped Today With a Video for the Canon Fans [Spoiler Alert] [Video]

**Disclaimer: this article contains a spoiler about the end of the new Song Machine video from Gorillaz, so watch it before you read!** So far in the Song Machine series, the videos have been themed around studio work and blending the Gorillaz characters with the real band and recording process. In both the first and...

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Gorillaz New ‘Song Machine’ Series Merges Worlds and It’s Not Fair [Videos]

It was a hard blow for Gorillaz fans to sustain when, after their last album The Now Now, the creators of the wildly popular Gorillaz said there would likely not be any more releases from the cartoon band for ten years. We all hoped it was a bluff, and luckily it was. Enter: Song Machine. Gorillaz wouldn’t be...

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3 Tried & Trucities of Collaborucity: The Artist’s Navigation with Collaboration

3 Tried & Trucities of Collaborucity: The Artist’s Navigation with Collaboration. There is nothing more exciting than seeing creative minds collaborate to create awesome products and services for people across the world. Agree? Whether its music artists, fashion designers or traditional corporate organizations; many partnerships have been forged across diverse industries to turn innovative ideas...

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