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Day One Of Hellfest: The Survival Fires

Ah day one of Hellfest. The air smells of infinite possibility. Maybe we’ll get to sleep with a rock star this year. Maybe we can avoid the mud that plagued the festival all weekend (We definitely couldn’t) maybe we will get so earth shatteringly drunk that we won’t remember inevitably throwing up all over EVERYTHING....

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Full of Hell Changing the future of Punk

I feel like I was late catching on to Full of Hell. I first saw them at This Is Hardcore in July of 2014 and had been impressed, but not blown away. Somehow seeing them smashed in between dozens of hardcore bands made it hard for me to register what they were all about. I...

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Interview with Albert Mudrian – Author of Choosing Death

It’s always an honor to get to sit down with a highly influential industry figure – especially one as well spoken as Albert Mudrian author of Choosing Death, perhaps THE authoritative text on death metal and grindcore. In an in-depth discussion of his life and work we get a better sense of what Albert Mudrin is...

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"The Next Four Years" by United Nations

United Nations’ detonates on “The Next Four Years”

It’s been a tough Thursday for Geoff Rickly. It’s also been a tough Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Since the overdo demise of his main thing Thursday, in 2011, luck hasn’t come too often. In the aftermath of Thursday Rickly worked in retail, lost a girlfriend, got robbed and toured houses behind the solo material he recorded...

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