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Russian American Hard Rock Band RSC Deliver Old School Thrills with “Shadow Lady”

Russian American Hard Rock Band RSC Deliver Old School Thrills with “Shadow Lady” Unapologetic-ally old school Rock/Metal band RSC have released a string of recent singles, all providing a taste of the band’s upcoming album. The latest single release is the hard-hitting“Shadow Lady”, following up “Confession”, “Bad Story”, “Moving On” and “Fire in Her”. This band is a melting...

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Oakland Hard Rock Trio STIMULI Release Official Music Video for “Ripple”

Rock and metal enthusiasts should take note of this new release from one of Oakland’s finest hard rock groups, STIMULI, a new music video for “Ripple“, taken from the band’s visionary “They Are We” full-length album (2018). STIMULI conjure a unique brand of heavy, thoughtful, riff-soaked music oft inspired by the human condition. Fans of bands...

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Sunday At Psycho Las Vegas: The Rise From The Sub Basement

Sunday – the final day of Psycho. I was wiped out – as was pretty much everybody else – but somehow we would have to power through. After all some of the best sets of the festival were to come, as a matter of fact most of my favorite individual performances came on Sunday, which...

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Saturday at Psycho Las Vegas – Turn Round Quick

I woke from my secular haze and stumbled into the haunting Las Vegas morning. I had passed out at 6 in the morning on a couch the night before and wondered why my whole body hurt. Maybe standing in the sun for days on end with minimal sleep isn’t good for you – who would...

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Friday At Psycho Las Vegas – The Brain Boils

I wake up. Another day. Another strange bed. Minimal sleep. The usual. I knew I’d have to go do some interviews and maybe get some food down my gullet but as for now I just wanted to meander around the strip – watching the hungover white girls who didn’t get laid wander home. Watching the...

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Hellfest Day Three: A Return To Earth

So we come to the final day. A day that had one of the sickest lineups that I have ever seen on any festival ever, and I’m not just saying that because of Black Sabbath. I was running around all day – sweating, yelling and stressed beyond belief, but loving every bloody minute of it....

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Mothership – The New Kings Of Rock And Roll

We’ve seen a resurgence in rock and roll lately, and it’s something that I’ve been lucky enough to write about extensively. That being said, there are some bands that are really making this new rock and roll revolution work. We live in a world where far too many people are just here for the hootenanny and...

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Satan’s Satyrs and the Power of Rock and Roll

I remember when I first saw Satan’s Satyrs. I was a teenager – young and in love, going to shows every weekend and simply soaking up the vibes. I was utterly enamored (And still am) with Almost Famous and wondered what band could be my Stillwater. When I saw Satan’s Satyrs explode onto the stage with Thumper’s...

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Exclusive Interview with Hillbilly Vegas

Coming to us from Nashville with some unusually hard-hitting and downright stomp-worthy country rock, Hillbilly Vegas have granted me an exclusive interview. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions, guys. I really enjoyed your new album “Ringo Manor”. Those songs must be an absolute ball to perform live! When you write, do you imagine the live energy...

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“Black Rock Warrior Queen” Davina Robinson rocks hearts, wins minds

Artists who truly follow their own path and play the music they are most passionate about are rare. It may not seem to be the case, but it’s true. Many artists simply aim to have commercial appeal at any cost, losing their soul, their potential gift to the world in the process. Not Davina Robinson....

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