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Bow Before The Boob Spew: An Interview with Vulvatron

It was Housecore Horror Film Festival, the sun was shining, the bands raging, and I sat in a room with the almighty Vulvatron of GWAR fame. I looked deep into her space alien eyes and gathered up every ounce of my courage and asked… Vulvatron, how are you doing today? I’m very hung over, yes....

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Fisthammer and the Morbid Reality of Death Metal

Death metal has always been the genre for freaks and geeks, hardly the kind of thing you would show to your mother on a rainy day. Nevertheless, certain groups seem to have a sort of freakish dedication to the genre, composing songs with gruesome titles and weird verbal images. Fisthammer is one of those bands,...

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Metal band Soul Sanctuary maim and punish with “Afterlife” music video

“Welcome to the afterlife.” Fans of Lamb of God, Pantera, Killswitch Engage, Threat Signal and other groove driven heavy metal bands with find a lot to enjoy in Soul Sanctuary’s new album as well as their lead single “Afterlife” which has been gaining huge traction lately with well over 35,000 views on YouTube already.  The...

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