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Feeding the Metal Gods playlist

Feeding the Metal Gods Playlist 04/28/2019

Post Death Soundtrack – Dark Matter – It Will Come out of Nowhere – 00:04:47 Ex Eye – Form Constant; the Grid – Ex Eye – 00:08:08 Dead Quiet – Remaining Remains – Dead Quiet – 00:06:28 The Lion’s Daughter – Future Cult – Future Cult – 00:02:23 Pinkish Black – Until – Until –...

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On The Dangers Of Printing Too Many Units

Here’s an interesting thought for you to consider or just completely ignore. Even bands on fairly major labels within their genres can presell less than 50 units. Not only that but 98% of releases on major labels don’t actually make their money back. This isn’t even touching on the fact that some 99% of records...

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The Power Of Personalization

Personalization has sort of been a theme on this blog for the last few weeks, and it’s a valuable one. It’s one that’s so valuable that I want to take the time to address it directly. If you can’t embrace the power of personalization then you are leaving your band in a bad place and...

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Trusting the Industry

Now I know this article is going to sound self serving, but I think that it’s an important one to go over, and that is because this article is about how you need to listen to the industry people trying to give you advice. Here’s the thing about your local friendly industry person. They aren’t...

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Sunday At Psycho Las Vegas: The Rise From The Sub Basement

Sunday – the final day of Psycho. I was wiped out – as was pretty much everybody else – but somehow we would have to power through. After all some of the best sets of the festival were to come, as a matter of fact most of my favorite individual performances came on Sunday, which...

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Saturday at Psycho Las Vegas – Turn Round Quick

I woke from my secular haze and stumbled into the haunting Las Vegas morning. I had passed out at 6 in the morning on a couch the night before and wondered why my whole body hurt. Maybe standing in the sun for days on end with minimal sleep isn’t good for you – who would...

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Friday At Psycho Las Vegas – The Brain Boils

I wake up. Another day. Another strange bed. Minimal sleep. The usual. I knew I’d have to go do some interviews and maybe get some food down my gullet but as for now I just wanted to meander around the strip – watching the hungover white girls who didn’t get laid wander home. Watching the...

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Psycho Las Vegas – The Madness Begins

Psycho Las Vegas – the greatest American heavy music festival of all time? Probably. Freaks from all over the world gathered to see one of the most riotous and brilliantly put together lineups of all time. For a couple of days, The Hard Rock Casino was turned into a stoner and doom metal fans paradise....

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