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Jon Anderson of Two Story Melody on How to Promote Indie Music

Jon Anderson of Two Story Melody on How to Promote Indie Music Recently I had the opportunity to sit down and interview someone I admire in the music industry for their practical, no-nonsense approach, Jon Anderson, founder of Two Story Melody. Jon introduces independent musicians to the public in proper context by telling their stories....

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How To Earn More Money As An Independent Musician

(Excerpt from “Your Band Is A Virus – Expanded Edition) A big question often asked in today’s music market is how independent musicians can sell product. After all, most people steal their music these days, right? Well, not exactly. There are still ways to make money at this thing called music. We’ll go over a wide...

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A Template To Use When Contacting Music Blogs – Excerpt from “Your Band Is A Virus”

Many artists are confused as to what to include when contacting music bloggers. Opinions vary, and everyone has their own style. One thing is for certain, though. You should make things as easy as possible for the bloggers. The way I like to do this is by providing complete information with everything at their fingertips...

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How To Get More Press Than Other Bands

How do you get more press than other bands? It’s actually quite simple, and over half the work is accomplished by switching your mindset from one of an artist who is being “affected by the world” to a serious artist who is affecting the world with ease. The term serious implies you take the time...

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