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Budgeting And Your Indie Band

Budgeting should really be any independent bands primary concern. Figuring out how to divvy up the money at the end of a gig and then deciding how you are going to reinvest that can, in and of itself decide the future of your band. Of course – there are pretty much as many ways to...

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David Bowie’s Gone: A Tribute To The Man Who Fell To Earth

David Bowie. Geez. While Lemmy seemed immortal, Bowie seemed indelible. Like a part of the landscape. I’d be lying if I said I was a huge fan, but I always admire his aesthetic and his sheer innovation. I, like so manyother young people in the West have memories of listening to him with my dad...

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What Heavy Metal Can Teach Your Band

The heavy metal underground is something that most people rarely, if ever think about. But – as touched on in my recent article here on the Century Media buyout there is actually an incredible financial force behind the music. The fact of the matter is that despite being an incredibly niche genre, heavy metal bands...

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Jordannah Elizabeth on A Rush

Jordannah Elizabeth is one of the most innovative and exciting artists in the scene today. Her music never fails to please with its atmospheric and deeply emotional tones. There is something rather profound about her writing style, such that it captures the imagination of young music geeks like me.  In the interview we talk about...

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How To Get Your Music Videos Seen

The following article is a guest post by Emma Owens of innovating music video app, whose mission is ‘to bring high quality emerging music video content on demand to the eyes and ears of the listening public.’ She very much agrees with me in that music video promotion certainly doesn’t begin and end with Youtube....

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Industry Interview with MuzicNotez Founders Nick Galien and Mike Behn

Today’s industry interview is with the very ambitious MuzicNotez Crew, Nick Galien and Mike Behn – co-founders/owners of They provide independent artists with a valuable community, a magazine and a dizzying amount of services. In my contact with them, they have been extremely prompt and helpful, so I assume it’s the same with artists...

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Exclusive interview with Dublin folk/rock artist Andrew Handrick

Today I caught up with Irish folk/rock artist Andrew Handrick. I was very impressed with the rawness of his work. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions, Andrew. Your music has that intense, isolated feel of one person in a room telling stories. Can you tell us about how you set about writing and recording your new...

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Fang-I Liu follows in the footsteps of strong women with “Confessions”

Travelling to the tense and uncertain cityscape of Los Angeles, California all the way from Taiwan is an immensely big life change. Taking the journey to follow your music career borders on insanity. There is one thing we can be certain of in this tumultuous scenario. This is a dreamer’s voyage. In 2009, independent artist Fang-I...

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