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“Has Your Music Been Featured In The New York Times?” An Exposé on and Rapping Duck

UPDATE: Likely in response to this article, is no more. Sneaky, sneaky, though…as is often the way, they have redirected visitors of to their new platform, which appears to be the exact same scam under the name Rapping Duck. Musicians should avoid “Has Your Music Been Featured In The New York Times?” That’s...

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“Can We Get In Pitchfork?” 6 Philosophical Reasons Indie Bands Fail

“Can we get in Pitchfork?” At Independent Music Promotions we are lucky enough to be exposed to an extremely wide variety of independent bands, and it often seems the difference between a band rising fast, sinking like a stone or staying motionless in place comes down to the ideas and beliefs held by the band...

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Attention Indie Artists And Bands Seeking Reviews And Interviews

For independent artists and bands who are seeking reviews, interviews and features on Independent Music Promotions, I have updated the “Get Featured” section with some concrete, guaranteed services. All genres are welcome, and any artists deemed not up to the blog’s standards will be given a full refund. The nominal fee is to cover the...

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My recent feature on

The very gracious Todd Wales from Guitarist Nation recently interviewed me to get my thoughts on the current music industry and what independent artists can do to properly promote themselves. We spoke about everything from free downloads to some critical do’s and don’t s for indie bands.

Musicians tip of the day – Try for band merchandise

Band merchandise is usually a bone of contention for indie bands, or else they are simply over-excited about the prospect and end up with too much leftover product. Many independent bands and artists splurge on their boxes of 1,000 CD’s with deluxe booklets, set a date for their CD release party, and are stunned to...

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Indie bands, writers and filmmakers should contact Ryan’s Reviews

Recently I came across a website called Ryan’s Reviews, and the name of the game for head honcho Ryan Mowry is content – independent content. He reviews independent music and movies primarily, and all genres are accepted provided that they are free of major label involvement and are a low budget project under 1 million....

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An exclusive interview with Paris electro duo The Glimps

Today we have an exclusive interview with France’s electro-funk masterminds The Glimps. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions. Tell us about The Glimps and what you bring to the table. We are a French band from Paris. Victor Valdez composes the music and Christophe Paris is the singer and co-writer. Our style is Electro funk with...

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Interview With Pop Punk Band Amuse

Welcome to Independent Music Promotions.Tell us about Amuse and what you bring to the table. Well we are a 3 piece punk/pop-punk band based out of Indiana and Tennessee. The biggest thing for Amuse is to make sure we are having fun with our band. Don’t get me wrong, we are very serious about always...

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3 Ways To Get Your Music Reviewed

I’m finding that many indie bands are disillusioned about how to get their music reviewed, and with all the options available in today’s music industry, I’m not sure why. Here I’ll go over a few simple ideas that you probably have not been trying in your music marketing efforts. 1) Sign up for the Indie...

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Countless Thousands Are Happy To Be Here – Rock Revival pt 2

Countless Thousands are happy to be here, and it’s easy to imagine the world being equally happy to have them, starved as it is for genuine music and honesty without pretension. It`s rare to find lyrical prowess at all, let alone in a young band, but Danger Van Gorder of  Countless Thousands is truly a...

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Search Engine Optimization And Google For Bands

People typically arrive at websites in three ways: through the use of search engines, clicking links from other websites, or simply by typing in the website address. Even though search engines alone will not complete your promotional arsenal, they will be important. One thing to make sure of is that in the title tag of...

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Indie Bands – How Do You Build A Website? (The Easy Way)

(An excerpt from “Your Band Is A Virus“) Indie bands – How do you build a website? Well, the good news is you don’t really need to know how – or at least any html method. First you’ll want to buy your domain at a website such as There are many reasons why to stick...

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