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House Lords’ new single “People’s Park”

  House Lords, out of Baltimore, have dropped the first single and video for their forthcoming album The Common Task. “People’s Park” is a loosely-moving song that pops with angular rhythm like math rock with incorrect equations. The song’s title comes from a neighborhood park established in Chicago’s Lincoln Park by the Young Lords, a...

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Indie pop r & b singer Empress releases new video “Black Widow”

R&B/pop artist Empress has released an indie music video for her new single “Black Widow”, which you can view here. Empress has a decent voice with a sultry quality to it. I would have loved to hear some harmonies added to lift up the chorus, but the song was catchy and with a unique theme....

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The Stereophones strike indie music video gold with “Fight”

The Stereophones are a unique and commendable indie rock/pop/experimental project. Founders Kayhan Ahmadi and Kevin Ahmadi team up with a slew of other artists, musicians, remixers and directors to create and release a ton of music, music videos and remixes, while relying on word-of-mouth and fan enthusiasm to spread the word. And guess what, folks? It...

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