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11 Reasons Why Your Music Self-Promotion Isn’t Working

Music self-promotion is a topic that has been explored extensively over the past 20 years. Some of the basic ground rules are the same that apply to any business or freelancer. Most people in the industry, however, bands included, don’t know a whole lot about it. Many prefer to hover around the topic of social...

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Industry Interview with MuzicNotez Founders Nick Galien and Mike Behn

Today’s industry interview is with the very ambitious MuzicNotez Crew, Nick Galien and Mike Behn – co-founders/owners of They provide independent artists with a valuable community, a magazine and a dizzying amount of services. In my contact with them, they have been extremely prompt and helpful, so I assume it’s the same with artists...

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How Indie Musicians sabotage themselves – My new article at Target Audience Magazine

I recently contributed an article called “The True Artist’s Major Marketing Dilemma” to Target Audience Magazine, thanks to the openness  and assistance of head editor Ellen Eldridge. The article addressed something I see in a lot of independent musicians today, including myself when I was younger, and if you haven’t read it, you should. Why...

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