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Indie Rock Musician Louise Aubrie Teases ‘Antonio’ Album with New ‘Ours’ Single Featuring Andy Woodard and Boz Boorer

The title is inspired by a line from the Jacques Brel song 'La Chanson De Jacky': "Même si on m'appelle Antonio" - "My name would be Antonio". It's a brilliant fantastical song about fame being fleeting, and imagining how life might be in the future: being washed up, reflecting on the glory days!

Shihori Teaches the Art of Radical Self-Acceptance on New Single “Perfect Imperfection”

Shihori Teaches the Art of Radical Self-Acceptance on New Single “Perfect Imperfection” Embrace who you are. A singer songwriter who overcame multiple disabilities and kidnapping experience sings on the beauty of “Perfect Imperfection” with her charity project for supporting victims of DV and child trafficking. The only way out is through. Having persevered through immense...

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Watch: Billie Eilish Releases a Powerful Video Statement About Women as Objects

Since she exploded onto the indie pop scene in 2017, talk about Billie Eilish‘s clothes, body, style and sexuality has been so prevalent and loud that it almost eclipsed her extraordinary talent. Images of her body in a tank top were leaked and discussed at length while she was simultaneously called “not feminine” because of...

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Erich Mrak photo taken by Smvrk

Toronto Pop Hip Hop Artist Erich Mrak Releases “Riptide” Single

We’re pleased to announce the latest single from Toronto-based Indie Pop/Hip Hop artist Erich Mrak. “Riptide” marks the 4th audio release of a 7 month campaign & is part of a 6 song EP which is being released as singles from January until July. Accompanying each single is an alternate rendition of each song performed “off...

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Los Angeles band Symphony crosses Jefferson Airplane with Black Sabbath

Sounding like an act inspired by the likes of The Black Keys and….heavy metal?, Los Angeles up-and-coming act Symphony gave me 3 doses of sexually charged rock n’ roll with their track “So Sweet (Ride On)”. In case you didn’t know, all that’s required is a single dose. Here’s a band with real machismo, and...

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Rock n Roll Storm’s A Comin – A Hideous Blue Inspires

“Nothing’s what you bargained for. Give it up like a cheap whore.” That sums it up, doesn’t it? There is a positive message in there if you look for it. Your plan. Give it up. Drop it. Sobering, lyrical brilliance from Mr. Derrick Mills, the musical mastermind behind the dangerous and fascinating project A Hideous...

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