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Austin TX-based Indie Electronic Artist 1st Base Runner Finds Melancholic, Gothic Beauty on ‘Pirouette’ Single

Austin TX-based Indie Electronic Artist 1st Base Runner Finds Melancholic, Gothic Beauty on ‘Pirouette’ Single Austin TX-based indie electronic solo artist 1st Base Runner‘s new single “Pirouette“, released Feb 15, is the second taste of new music from upcoming full-length album “Seven Years of Silence”, due for release April 8. 1st Base Runner‘s outsider artistic vision is...

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LA Folk Punk artist My Autumn Amor Release Contagiously Hopeful “Your Life Is A Song” Album

LA Folk Punk artist My Autumn Amor Release Contagiously Hopeful “Your Life Is A Song” Album My Autumn Amor, solo vehicle for indie rock/folk punk musician Thomas Monroe, has released debut album “Your Life Is A Song”. The album contains 14 tracks and was recorded at Hear No Evil Studios with punchy production by Elliot Koenig. The...

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Coronavirus: The Best New Songs and Albums For Self-Isolation

As COVID19 has streamlined a powerful assault on just about every Earthen industry, we are forced to stay at home and pause aspects of our lives, and the mounting stresses are real. Constants are more important than ever right now. Art is a constant. Music is a constant. These can be created in isolation and their rich emotions can be experienced in isolation. Music being released during these hazy, unseemly times is without a doubt defiant. 

New Music Friday – Essential New Artists for the True Music Connoisseur

It’s New Music Friday again, and there’s a plethora of essential new artists for all you music connoisseurs out there. Below we’ll outline our curated recommendations. Most of these picks are included on our Independent Music Worldwide playlist. Hope – Red Man Find something more powerful than this for me. Don’t worry. I’ll wait….it’s just...

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Seneko dishes on his 3 Essential Bands for Indie Songwriters – Wilco, Foxygen and Teenage Fanclub

Indie Alt Country Singer-Songwriter Seneko has crafted deeply personal, inspired songs over a series of 3 acclaimed EP releases, the latest being 2019’s “Soul Numbers”. For the past six years, this Connecticut creator has meticulously invested his time into the art of songwriting. He’s been described as “Think country meets Radiohead” by Wail Music Magazine and...

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Europe And Indie Music

by MATT BACON > So I write this whilst on a plane flight from New York to the Netherlands for a music festival, drinking what is my first of what is apparently infinite free beers. So I’ve come to the logical thing to discuss in such a situation. That is to say – how the...

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Placement Strategies And You

Placement strategies are one of those things that are almost impossible for DIY bands to actually engage in because so many of the mare so hokey. So often it will be like “Oh do you play Americana? Then ask if the local Americana restaurant will play your CD!” That’s dumb, is not going to increase...

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Being Part Of A Collective

by MATT BACON > So there’s a reason no one really wants to license your bands music or generally work with your group. It’s not a hard one when you really think about it but it’s one that you aren’t going to like. You’re not part of a collective. When you get to the heart...

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Telephones And The Music Industry

The phone. Teenagers use it for texting. Your mom uses it call you just like, all the time. Obama has one that can end the world. You know how it goes. Normal people aren’t really into that kind of thing anymore right? Don’t we have emails and texts and all that good stuff so that...

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Real World Politics And Their Place In The Music Industry

It’s fairly obvious given the content of this website that I am a liberal. In fact, it’s probably obvious that I’m basically an anarchist and have a disdain for any form of centralized authority and that my civil rights and climate change support is at times bordering on militant. So like – I’m pretty awful...

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We Are Connected

We are connected. It’s not just the name of a Voivod song. It’s the very essence of the industry we are all a part of. I know I touched on this earlier this week when I talked about how this is an industry of passion – but it goes beyond that. What I’ve come to...

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