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indie rock

Common Swift Will Appeal To Radiohead Fans With “Passing Spirit” EP

Common Swift are a 3-piece indie rock band hailing from Madison, Wisconsin. Inspired by artists such as Radiohead and Deerhoof, the band sets out into ambitious, emotionally charged territory with their “Passing Spirit” EP. The fact that I heard different influences pop up every 30 seconds or so is a testament to the maturity and...

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The Paper Suns brighten your afternoon

Psychedelic and heartfelt, though still enjoying the sun, indie rock trio The Paper Suns have a 3-track album entitled “Over Water” available now at their Bandcamp page. It always brightens my day when I get submissions this good. They really unite the indie rock style with some much needed depth. You can tell that Jim,...

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Baltimore Quartet Diefenbaker’s Pop Rocks

Baltimore-based garage rock/pop quartet Diefenbaker are currently promoting their new single “Got The Enzyme”. Right away the guitars are messy and thick – exactly the way they should be for a good indie rock act. The synth work is not only tasteful but it elevates the music by widening the soundscape. There is some subtle...

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