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Net Neutrality, Your Indie Band and Futlility

The dialog around net neutrality is kind of a huge issue right now and something I’ve thought about a lot. I’ve called, texted and emailed congressmen as countless friends of mine have. It’s something that is going to directly impact what is at this point essentially a natural resource, even for people who don’t have...

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Something that I think is vastly understudied in the modern music world and which makes me wonder a lot about how how this industry will move forward is the gap between digital and non digital markets. This is one of those things that’s incredibly easy to lose track of because for most of us in...

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Why ARE There So Many PR Companies Anyway?

A good friend of mine posted a Facebook status the other day asking, “Since when did everyone and their mothers own a music promotion company?” This after all is an excellent question. With all of my music writing gigs around the webernets I get hundreds of records a week in my inbox and it feels...

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