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Interview with MariNationMusic Founder Justin Longo

  I recently had the pleasure of communicating with music industry innovator and Founder of MariNation Music (visit them at, Justin Longo. MariNation is an innovative concept intended to assist artists with finances so they can thrive. Thanks to Justin for answering my questions and being on the site! Tell us who you are...

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Jon Anderson of Two Story Melody on How to Promote Indie Music

Jon Anderson of Two Story Melody on How to Promote Indie Music Recently I had the opportunity to sit down and interview someone I admire in the music industry for their practical, no-nonsense approach, Jon Anderson, founder of Two Story Melody. Jon introduces independent musicians to the public in proper context by telling their stories....

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Shawna Virago Discusses the Powerful Influence of Seminal Los Angeles Punk Band X

Shawna Virago Discusses the Powerful Influence of Seminal Los Angeles Punk Band X Acclaimed Transgender Folk Punk/Alt Country Singer Songwriter Shawna Virago ( has been releasing finely crafted, lyrically potent music for years. Always bubbling just beneath the surface of her compositions is the unbridled spirit, rawness and rage of punk rock, expressed by one...

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Interview: Toronto Dancehall Prince Lexxicon Turns Up the Heat With Island Flair

Interview: Toronto Dancehall Prince Lexxicon Turns Up the Heat With Island Flair by Jessica Brant   Jamaican-Canadian Dancehall singer and dancer Lexxicon is on a winning streak with his newest visual boasting the island flavor, “Doing to Me.” The tropical jam is quickly becoming an end-of-summer anthem as we transition into autumn, turning up the...

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Exclusive Interview with ACRONYM Brand Founder, Music Photographer, Culture Curator & Festival Head Amy Nicole

I’m very pleased to have recently picked the brain of one of my favorite people in the music industry and one who wears many inter-related hats, Amy Nicole, founder of ACRONYM.  First of all, I really love how ACRONYM very much looks and feels like an extension of who you are. There’s such an active...

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IMP Interviews Author Christopher McKittrick

By ELI JACE > The new book, Can’t Give It Away On Seventh Avenue by Christopher McKittrick, examines the interlocking histories of New York City and The Rolling Stones. It’s a fascinating read that charts the path of an English rock band in America’s most cultured city. Independent Music Promotions sat down with the author...

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James Moore music industry interview with

Interview with Independent Music Promotions Founder James Moore in MySphera Magazine

For those interested in a few new music marketing recommendations from I.M.P founder James Moore, head on over to the recent interview with MySphera, a website and platform very worthy of investigation from independent musicians and labels. James is now a MySphera tastemaker alongside some amazing brands and curators. Read the interview. Check out their...

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Independent Music Promotions CEO James Moore

Exclusive Interview – How To Effectively Promote Music

How do you effectively promote music? Work smarter, not harder. Do things that other artists are not doing, and do what they’re doing more thoroughly. When you’re completing tasks and spending focused, deep practice time (for ‘deep practice’ see “The Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle, a book I wholeheartedly recommend) on tactics that are counter-intuitive...

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Joshua Smotherman on the Independent Music Promotions Blog

Exclusive Interview with Author, Musician & Music Marketer Joshua Smotherman

Joshua Smotherman, a musician and one of the men behind popular musician’s website Middle Tennessee Music, has been a colleague of mine for years now, and I can’t say enough good things about him. Not only has he been a huge help to my artists as well as hundreds, possibly thousands of others; he does...

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My recent feature on

The very gracious Todd Wales from Guitarist Nation recently interviewed me to get my thoughts on the current music industry and what independent artists can do to properly promote themselves. We spoke about everything from free downloads to some critical do’s and don’t s for indie bands.

Interview With Pewee In The Garage

Today I spoke with the brilliant and innovative electronic solo artist Pewee In The Garage, who I reviewed recently. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions. Tell us about Pewee In The Garage and what you bring to the table. Pewee In The Garage (PITG) is a bedroom musician, one woman band, and a music producer wannabe...

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An In Depth Interview With Angel Casiano

I was lucky enough to speak with solo artist Angel Casiano this week after previewing his impressive new single “If I Give You My Heart.” Angel, welcome to Independent Music Promotions. Your music comes across as very much from the heart and you’ve been at your craft for a long time. Tell us about Angel...

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