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Indie Rock Musician Brad Harris channels The Beatles

Indie Rock Musician Brady Harris Channels The Beatles on New EP

Indie Rock Musician Brady Harris Channels The Beatles on New EP Any fans of The Beatles looking for new music? Indie Rock Musician and Producer Brady Harris further evolves his signature Beatles-infused Americana Rock sound as he welcomes listeners to his sonic abode on new release “Hotel In The Sky”. Brady’s latest record features crunchy...

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It’s list season and a particularly abundant one as we near the end of a decade. Plenty of great music to fill many scrolls but I’ve handpicked 50  of the records that spoke to me the most over the last 10 years. With the diversity of musical output increasing exponentially with each decade, it’s become...

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“Lazaretto” finds Jack White bruised and seeing blue

When Jack White accuses The Black Keys of ripping off his sound, I have to agree with the man. The White Stripes–and only The White Stripes–are responsible for bringing back the rawness to some seriously over-cooked rock-and-roll at the turn of the century and every band after only followed suit. Unfortunately, the distinction today is...

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Neil Young peers at the lo-fi past on A Letter Home

Before Neil Young tries to master the state of audio with his high-quality digital music service, Pono, he wants to remind us where we once were. His new album, A Letter Home, was recorded in one full take on a rare Voice-o-Graph instant vinyl recording booth–the type of antique only Jack White could get his grubby hands...

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Exclusive Interview with Hillbilly Vegas

Coming to us from Nashville with some unusually hard-hitting and downright stomp-worthy country rock, Hillbilly Vegas have granted me an exclusive interview. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions, guys. I really enjoyed your new album “Ringo Manor”. Those songs must be an absolute ball to perform live! When you write, do you imagine the live energy...

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ANOTHER Video of the Day – Darin Bennett and the Requiem “Holdin’ Me”

Going through my emails I found this absolute gem, and even though I just posted a “video of the day” by New Zealand’s phenom Kimbra, I’m posting another one! It’s my blog, after all, and I make the rules around here. Darin Bennett’s dark, bluesy soul-searching rock would blow almost anyone away. Fans of Puscifer,...

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Exclusive Interview with Alt Rockers Paradox Please

Our latest feature is with alternative rock/progressive band Paradox Please, who add more patience, intrigue and intelligence to their songwriting than the average rock band. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions, guys. I enjoyed your mix of influences. Heavy but melodic and interesting at the same time. Do you have any new releases available? Our first...

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