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jason garriotte

Chords Of Truth Releases New Collaboration Music Video For “The Power To Be Alive”

Independent Music Promotions friend and favorite Chords Of Truth, who began his musical path with the well-received debut acoustic/folk EP “Reflections of Reality” before venturing into unknown territory with his extremely extensive “folktronica” collaborations, the Chords of Truth remixed project, a project that saw the original 7 songs turn into a whopping 57 new interpretations...

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Chords of Truth – a brilliant lyricist and songwriter

Today I received a unique music submission from the acoustic solo project called Chords of Truth. I was steered towards a particular track until I began perusing the artist’s website and found something much bigger, something akin to an honest spiritual exploration. When I say that, I’m not referring to an idealogy, but more of...

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