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Emery Pulse Releases Infectiously Bubbly 80’s Pop-Inspired Single “Gift Box”

Emery Pulse Releases Infectiously Bubbly 80’s Pop-Inspired Single “Gift Box” Florida-based Pop artist Emery Pulse introduces a distinctive Retro sound brimming with layered melodies and earworm hooks on new single “Gift Box”, out now on major platforms. Upbeat and refreshingly joyful, “Gift Box” is a must-listen for die-hard fans of 80’s music. Lyrically, this song is infectiously bubbly with an...

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6 Greatest Publicity Stunts in Music History

With social media a key component in any musician’s publicity-filled arsenal in the 21st century, a lot of emphasis is placed on ensuring no artist succumbs to the many dangers of the internet. However, publicity stunts have been around for decades, and music has provided a tonne of memorable moments, here are some of them....

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Fiona (Miss 2.1) “Boy Toy” Music Video

Up-and-coming singer Fiona (Miss 2.1) comes to us from Brooklyn, New York, with a mainstream pop sound similar to Ke$ha and Katy Perry. Check out Fiona (Miss 2.1)’s new music video for “Boy Toy” below. This is definitely a pick that’s more for the pop and dance music fans out there, and for those who...

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Tony DeSimone Impresses With “The Second Time Around”

Tony DeSimone is a very talented singer/songwriter with his own take on pop and Americana music. His new release “The Second Time Around” reveals a storyteller who is both hopeful and determined. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions, Tony. Your new album “The Second Time Around” has a distinctly positive feel to it. Was this a...

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Indie rapper J Jives releases “You Could Have It”

J Jives is a rapper born and raised in Jamaica, currently looking to take over the hip hop scene in Etobicoke, Ontario. I have to say, this guy’s promo shot is one of the coolest I’ve seen. Why don’t more artists take shots of themselves leaning against imposingly big speakers while wearing sunglasses? Ice cold,...

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