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Fort Lauderdale Rapper RuudAwakening Shows 2PAC Grit, Purging Depression, Fear and Misery on “CATHARSIS” Album

“Are you hearing those screams? See, my people ain’t free. They just want us to freeze.” – Magic,  by RuudAwakening Careful or this one will go over your head. RuudAwakening is that rare rapper who brings a complete subversive level to his rhymes, using sarcasm and brutal honesty to deliver atypical messages over hard modern...

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Strange Music Gem of the Day – Douglas Johnson

Since I’m writing less reviews and focusing more on simply posting great artists, I’d like to share a  “strange gem” that came my way this week. As you may know, I’ve changed formats here at Independent Music Promotions. I’m being very selective with what I cover (besides some reviews that I allow others to post)....

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