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What Every Record Label REALLY Wants

There are certain fundamental truths in the music industry that I can guarantee will really free up your thinking. One of these truths that changed my entire strategy for developing bands is this: Every big independent label is trying to be bought by a major. I mean maybe not every one. I’m sure there is...

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Record Labels And Artistic Frustrations

Record labels are frequently kind of grumpy. After all – they are supposed to work with entitled artists, that’s going to be an issue no matter what your relationship to them is. While I discussed before why this makes you less likely to get signed I also want to take some time to go into...

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Record Labels And Brand Affiliation – A Primer

Record labels these days probably are almost never going to offer you an advance, nor are they going to offer you an exceptional percentage on royalties to make up for it. Of course, they can help you pay for merch and getting CD’s out, but even that isn’t that exceptional these days, when more musicians...

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