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Linkin Park fans will love LokkisKott

Linkin Park Fans Will Love LokkisKott’s Angsty New Single “Deep Inside”

Linkin Park Fans Will Love LokkisKott’s Angsty New Single “Deep Inside” Australian Singer Songwriter LokkisKott has released the unabashedly angst-ridden new single “Deep Inside”, a track that should appeal to Linkin Park fans, out now on digital platforms. The intensely personal song showcases acoustic guitar layers beneath the heavy Alternative and Gothic influences shaping LokkisKott’s dark, confessional vocals...

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Exclusive Feature and Interview with Bronx Rapper Rahat

Rahat is an up-and-coming hip hop artist from Bronx, New York. Coming from a hard-knock background dabbling with a lifestyle not exactly suited for survival or happiness, Rahat wised up and began to follow his passion for rapping.  His single “Take Me Higher”deals with relationships in a more open, honest way than most rap music...

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Donnie Menig stretches far with “Tear it Apart”

Drummer and songwriter Donnie Menig is pushing his first single “Tear It Apart” for all the world to see on his Facebook page. The pluses: Menig plays all instruments and proves himself to have at least great potential at all them. The drums are solid. The recording is decent though it could use some additional...

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Give Chase merge punk and nintendo with quality results

Merging glitchy dubstep influenced electronica with Linkin Park and Snapcase inspired alternative punk, indie band Give Chase bring ambition and a slight twist to some familiar genres. The breakdowns feel like aggressive Nintendo music, something their contemporaries Horse The Band experiment with often. Their track “Brave Face” has a strong sense of groove and melody,...

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