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Do People Even Care?

by MATT BACON > So today I received an good query from a client texting me about the future of their band. While the context was certainly rather specific what it boiled down to, as far as I understood it was, “What if the showgoing audience genuinely just doesn’t care and would rather just see...

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Sunday At Psycho Las Vegas: The Rise From The Sub Basement

Sunday – the final day of Psycho. I was wiped out – as was pretty much everybody else – but somehow we would have to power through. After all some of the best sets of the festival were to come, as a matter of fact most of my favorite individual performances came on Sunday, which...

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Unveiling the Scene at the A389 Bash Day 3

The A389 Bash has long been a veritable bastion of the Central Atlantic scene. The guy behind it, Dom, is a veritable genius whose heart is on fire with love for the scene. This weekend, my birthday weekend, was a blast and allowed me to get a better understanding of American metal culture. He gave...

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5 Things I Learned Hanging Out With Touring Bands

I’ve been writing about metal for four years now, and I’ve started to get chances to hang out with some legit ‘rock stars’ or at least big names. Asides from being at the same party as Steven Tyler (Although he was in a higher security area then I was permitted access too) I’ve gotten to...

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Stagecraft 101: Why Performance Matters

I’d like to thank Jeff Black and my friends at Vandala Magazine for allowing I.M.P to share this valuable editorial on the critical aspects of performance. Read on for some very helpful advice. Article By Jeff Black From Junes Vandala Magazine – READ MORE REVIEWS HERE If your idea of playing a show involves tying back...

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