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Patrick Ames Takes You On A Musical Napa Valley Vineyard Tour In “Liveness in Quarantine” Livestream Series

Liveness in Quarantine. Recorded during the Covid-19 Pandemic, April 2020. LIVE in the Vineyard.  The wineries of Napa Valley and wine county are closed but the vineyards are alive during April’s Pandemic. Join @PatrickAmes for tours and new music for your sheltering in place. Bring your wine glass because it’s always Happy Hour in this...

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Nick Cave live in Vancouver. Photo by Jon C. Ireson

Nick Cave – Part 2: Live in Conversation

The world is grieving and needs to have a good therapy session. At least, that’s the sense you get from being in the room during Nick Cave’s current tour, ‘A Conversation with Nick Cave’. When someone goes through the death of a loved one, the tendency is to recoil from the public to grieve and...

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Russian Circles Sneak Attack the Nile

By ELI JACE > The drummer for Russian Circles has the right foot of an antagonized brutish wildebeest. It took over half of their set last Monday for me to realize and confirm that, David Turncrantz, their drummer was only using one single foot pedal for the bass drum. He was machine-gunning, I thought for...

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Bad Bands And How They Affect You

This is a rough one, but also one that I guess could technically be perceived as a positive thing – that’s that when it comes down to it, there’s a lot of shitty music out there and a lot of bands that are just bad at being bands. Now I know this sounds inherently elitist...

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Why Your Band Needs To Promote Shows

by MATT BACON > Hey, so there’s a secret to getting to play all of the cool shows in your local scene and endearing yourself to that long haired mustachioed local promoter who seems to be putting on most of the cool shows. It’s the one thing you can do in order to make sure...

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Do People Even Care?

by MATT BACON > So today I received an good query from a client texting me about the future of their band. While the context was certainly rather specific what it boiled down to, as far as I understood it was, “What if the showgoing audience genuinely just doesn’t care and would rather just see...

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Indie Band Live Albums

by MATT BACON > Live albums are back in fashion. For a long time they had been a relic of the past, but lately it seems like everybody and their brother has been putting out live records. Never more than this past year have I had so many live albums come to me for review....

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Hellfest Day Three: A Return To Earth

So we come to the final day. A day that had one of the sickest lineups that I have ever seen on any festival ever, and I’m not just saying that because of Black Sabbath. I was running around all day – sweating, yelling and stressed beyond belief, but loving every bloody minute of it....

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