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Chawa Lilith Releases the Ultimate Meditation Music EP with Ambient Sounds and Enchanting Vocals

Chawa Lilith Releases the Ultimate Meditation Music EP with Ambient Sounds and Enchanting Vocals Ambient meditation music artist Chawa Lilith ( explores truly vast terrain on her enchanting, meditative new EP “Euphonious”, out December 14, 2021 on streaming platforms. This release was inspired by Chawa’s own meditation practice, where a unique and powerful signature sound began...

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Shawna Virago Discusses the Powerful Influence of Seminal Los Angeles Punk Band X

Shawna Virago Discusses the Powerful Influence of Seminal Los Angeles Punk Band X Acclaimed Transgender Folk Punk/Alt Country Singer Songwriter Shawna Virago ( has been releasing finely crafted, lyrically potent music for years. Always bubbling just beneath the surface of her compositions is the unbridled spirit, rawness and rage of punk rock, expressed by one...

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Oakland Hard Rock Trio STIMULI Release Official Music Video for “Ripple”

Rock and metal enthusiasts should take note of this new release from one of Oakland’s finest hard rock groups, STIMULI, a new music video for “Ripple“, taken from the band’s visionary “They Are We” full-length album (2018). STIMULI conjure a unique brand of heavy, thoughtful, riff-soaked music oft inspired by the human condition. Fans of bands...

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ZINE REVIEW: “Past Lives” by Travis Keller

By ELI JACE > Flip through some lives that once were, from a scene long gone. Past Lives is the first photozine from photographer and former Buddyhead publisher, Travis Keller, now working under the imprint, American Primitive.   In it, Keller unearths one of the final little slivers of true rock and roll glory–in the...

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LA rockers Secondborn hit the heights with ambitious new EP

American rock has been in a state of flux for a while, but with the likes of Rise Against, Thrice and Saosin come with it a banner and mark of excellence, could LA band Secondborn be the next big American band? With group members made up of experienced musicians, the newly-formed collective have just put...

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Los Angeles band Symphony crosses Jefferson Airplane with Black Sabbath

Sounding like an act inspired by the likes of The Black Keys and….heavy metal?, Los Angeles up-and-coming act Symphony gave me 3 doses of sexually charged rock n’ roll with their track “So Sweet (Ride On)”. In case you didn’t know, all that’s required is a single dose. Here’s a band with real machismo, and...

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Black Nacirema deliver classic hip hop haters anthem with “The World Owes Me”

“This for all y’all who told me I’d fall.” The concept of revenge is popular, but even more popular is the concept of retribution by way of personal success.  Instead of going after your opponent, you just rise on your own terms, thus proving them wrong. This way, those who doubted you are taught a...

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Fang-I Liu follows in the footsteps of strong women with “Confessions”

Travelling to the tense and uncertain cityscape of Los Angeles, California all the way from Taiwan is an immensely big life change. Taking the journey to follow your music career borders on insanity. There is one thing we can be certain of in this tumultuous scenario. This is a dreamer’s voyage. In 2009, independent artist Fang-I...

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NO impress Bono with “Meet Me After Dark”

You know that you’re on the right path when you get a call from Bono saying that he’s a fan of your music. Los Angeles-based pop rock 4-piece NO have had this experience, and are now moving headstrong into the holiday season with some serious vigor. Instantly catchy, cotton candy pop rock with hints of...

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