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Dealing With Bad Press

by MATT BACON > Dealing with bad reviews is always a battle. No one wants to have to come to terms with a bad review and how it reflects upon their band. However a lot of bands react to a bad review in the worst possible way and this only leaves them open to more...

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Having A Main Dude

by MATT BACON > I wanted to revisit a theme from last weeks set of articles – the concept of the “main dude”. For the uninitiated the “main dude” is the guy who does most of the important stuff for the band and the dude who consequently leads to shifts in band dynamics because they...

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Nitpicking And Your Bands Team

Nobody likes a nitpicker – but it needs to be done, perhaps more in the music industry than anywhere else. In a world where the margins are so small and the margin of error is consequently so frikkin’ tiny you need to have people on your side who are going to nitpick. The advantage is...

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Does Your Indie Band Need A Consultant?

A lot of bands are in a place where they need advice. They’ve gotten their music recorded, they’ve got their band together, great achievements to be sure, but they don’t seem to know where thy need to be moving next. At this point, a lot of artists would say that they need a manager, but...

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When Does Your Indie Band Need A Manager?

A very close friend of mine asked me to be his agent earlier today and I kind of freaked out. Not because I didn’t think I could do it, but more because said friend has been around a whole lot longer than I have, and has been able to do a whole lot of cool...

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