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marcus reeves

Marcus Reeves Goes All Out With Debut Album, Sells Mask Of His Own Face

Think everything’s been done, folks? Think again. Art/glam rocker Marcus Reeves, who has long stood apart from the crowd with his uniquely original glittery image, is now releasing his debut album, with a box set option that includes a hand made mask of his own face. Personally, I think that’s pretty damn awesome. Musically, he...

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Marcus Reeves

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Marcus Reeves…allow me to explain. A press release arrived in my inbox, as they often do, and as I prepared to be unimpressed by over-the-top hype, a strange photo on the right side of my computer screen jumped out at me. I always talk about originality and the need to “stand...

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