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An In-Depth Look at Marilyn Manson’s “We Are Chaos”

An In-Depth Look at Marilyn Manson’s “We Are Chaos” It seems a lifetime ago that Perry Farrell sneered out the phrase “Nothing’s shoooocking!” in his breathy serpentine croon on Jane’s Addiction’s 1988 debut record. Now, over three decades later, are we living in a truly post-shock world? Sure, ‘outrage’ is more rampant than ever but...

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Fall 2020 Album Preview: The Best Albums Heading Your Way This Fall

Fall 2020 Album Preview: The Best Albums Heading Your Way This Fall “Prepare for an onslaught of creative output!!”. That was the shred of positivity thrown around by music industry observers when the pandemic hit and artists were plucked from their tour buses and forced to stay at home and let their minds wander. This...

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Who’s In a Bunker? An IMP Playlist for a Pandemic

We’ve all got one thing on our minds right now and whether your thoughts are on the life-threatening potential of the coronavirus or the economic devastation it is about to wreak or the thousand other correlated effects we’re going to experience; disease, death and global change are surging through the collective consciousness. Artists have always...

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Jim Morrison must be smiling. Marilyn Manson’s “The End” cover is artful, passionate and essential.

Somewhere in the cosmos, Jim Morrison is smiling, resting in the knowledge that someone out there really ‘got it’, all that talk of painful wildernesses, lizard self-awareness and personal release at the end of all things. At least one person ‘got it’, and it’s clear that person is Marilyn Manson. On Manson’s recently released cover...

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Marilyn Manson channels Hexxus on The Pale Emperor

On Marilyn Manson’s ninth album, The Pale Emperor, the unholy, self-proclaimed God of Fuck sounds more like the God of Slow-Groove. Set for a January 20 release on his own Hell, etc. label, it is Manson’s most straight-forward rock album in years. “Killing Strangers” opens with a snotty bass line and a boot-kicking groove that’ll...

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Dillinger Escape Plan’s “One Of Us Is The Killer” Lights A Fire Of Inspiration

Dillinger Escape Plan are back with the newly released “One Of Us Is The Killer”, out now via Sumerian Records. They’re a band that continually evolve, and to many, their last outing “Option Paralysis” was about as good as it gets; daring, frantic, and passionate. Well, I’ve listened to the new album about 4 times...

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