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How to make your music go viral

How To Make Your Music Go Viral

How To Make Your Music Go Viral Every wondered how to make your music go viral? J Bettridge has some thoughts to share on the matter in this guest post. If cultural resonance is what you seek, you need to start putting your music out there. Taylor Swift didn’t become a global sensation by simply...

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Interview with MariNationMusic Founder Justin Longo

  I recently had the pleasure of communicating with music industry innovator and Founder of MariNation Music (visit them at, Justin Longo. MariNation is an innovative concept intended to assist artists with finances so they can thrive. Thanks to Justin for answering my questions and being on the site! Tell us who you are...

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Why Independent Musicians Should Not Always Trust Companies Who Solicit Via Instagram or Facebook

Why Independent Musicians Should Not Always Trust Companies Who Solicit Via Instagram or Facebook Important thought for the Holidays: Musicians are being targeted at an unprecedented rate via direct message on social media as well as email. It’s quite saddening. If you receive a message that says ‘I found your music in X place, enjoyed...

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Release Strategy And Your Band

Bands ask PR people all the time – “What should my release strategy look like? How do I maximize my impact on the scene?” Well I have an answer for you – we are going to look at some of my favorite bands for inspiration. So often bands want to go for the idea of...

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Content Strategy And Storytelling

So something bands bring up to me all the time is ‘Why do I need to be creating content all the time?’ and then the logical follow up which is ‘We can always figure out what to post when we are on the road or in the studio, but what do we post the rest...

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5 Ways to Get More Replies from Your Emails

A big part of the business side of the music industry is sending emails. Whether you’re trying to reach out to bloggers or playlist curators, negotiating a licensing deal, or even responding to potential band members who’ve contacted you through craigslist, it’s important that you write your emails in a way that makes people want...

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Funnel Marketing And Your Live Show

Here’s a thought to consider – funnel marketing is largely viewed as the single most important marketing strategy in the modern era. No matter who you are or what you are trying to sell, having a marketing funnel is crucial for anyone seeing to not only better their position as a relevant seller but also...

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Personalized Merch and your Indie Band

When bands ask me about fast ways to boost their income the number one answer that I have in nearly every scenario is ‘personalized merch’. How this looks can be different for everyone and I certainly think that you need to do some soul searching if you want to do it properly .But I thought...

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On The Importance Of Paying

This is a big one and one that a lot of bands don’t want to hear, but you need to talk about. Being willing to pay on time and the proper amount is paramount if you want to succeed in the music business. This is not just about having to spend money to make money...

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Should Your Band Put Out An EP Or An LP?

here’s something that’s a little rough to hear but needs to be sad for bands panning out their future. As a general rule no one cares about EP’s. In fact EP’s, as a general rule sell only about a third as well as normal albums do. Furthermore, most labels will straight up to refuse to...

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Visual Communication And Your Band

Something important to consider as you establish your brand in the music industry is the pure and simple fact that we are a visually oriented species. This is pretty much the sole reason Instagram is so popular. It cuts all the bullshit that the more advanced parts of our brain might be holding on to...

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New Media And Your Band

For a long time people have always had a basic understanding that if you want to succeed in the world you need to embrace new media. New media is, at the end of the day, whatever formats of media and communication we are seeing rise up and experience popularity, they could even be reimaginations of...

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