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Why Concept Albums Help Targeted Marketing

Recently on this blog we talked about how hyper targeting is almost always going to be more effective than trying to have a diverse sound that could appeal to anybody. Today I wanted to talk about something that can help to facilitate angular marketing – and unlike many of the business oriented solutions offered on...

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What Indie Bands Don’t Understand About Niche Marketing

It might seem initially that creating a hyper targeted product is only going to limit the amount of fans you have access to, but the more time that I spend in the music industry the more I realize that this is in fact the only way to go. It was a weird realization to have...

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Niche Markets And You

There’s been a lot of buzz lately around words like ‘subgenrefication’ and ‘niche markets’ lately, but what does that mean for your band? In a world that has an increasingly diverse music scene, we find ourselves increasingly able to listen to only one type of music if we so choose – but we also find...

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Paul Y Justin talk about DIY and punk music marketing

Today I spoke with eccentric Sacramento rock duo Paul Y Justin, who are currently working on their debut album. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions. Tell us about Paul Y Justin and what you bring to the table. We started out in a punk band in high school, back then as members of “The Celery Stalkers”,...

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