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Personalized Merch and your Indie Band

When bands ask me about fast ways to boost their income the number one answer that I have in nearly every scenario is ‘personalized merch’. How this looks can be different for everyone and I certainly think that you need to do some soul searching if you want to do it properly .But I thought...

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Margin, Merch Sales And You

This is one that not a lot of people want to think about for that same tired reason we have trotted out so many times before, people don’t want to appreciate that their band is a business. Simultaneously they want to be the band who has the cheapest merch. So they really just don’t bother...

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Market Segmentation And Your Indie Band

Market segmentation – now there is a fancy sounding term. It’s also a term that is going to hopefully make you and your band a whole boatload of money – or at least enough that you are able to pay for your day to day expenses. Fortunately it’s not too complicated to start doing this...

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Pricing For Indie Bands

Pricing is one of the most important things to figure out as an indie band. It’s what can make you look out of touch and irrelevant or what can make you into a financial juggernaut. Merch is where the real money is made and people expect to see markups of 1000% or more on a...

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Scroobius Pip & Dan le Sac rock and roll in one of their last-ever gigs (3/5/14)

Marketed as the penultimate-ever venue gig between the two artists, a throng of a few hundred Scroobius Pip and Dan le Sac fans packed the Rescue Rooms, Nottingham to see their heroes bring the house down. And they certainly matched expectations! Dan and Scroob have always been a mysterious, yet perfect pairing, a strong compliment...

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Musicians tip of the day – Try for band merchandise

Band merchandise is usually a bone of contention for indie bands, or else they are simply over-excited about the prospect and end up with too much leftover product. Many independent bands and artists splurge on their boxes of 1,000 CD’s with deluxe booklets, set a date for their CD release party, and are stunned to...

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