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Russian American Hard Rock Band RSC Deliver Old School Thrills with “Shadow Lady”

Russian American Hard Rock Band RSC Deliver Old School Thrills with “Shadow Lady” Unapologetic-ally old school Rock/Metal band RSC have released a string of recent singles, all providing a taste of the band’s upcoming album. The latest single release is the hard-hitting“Shadow Lady”, following up “Confession”, “Bad Story”, “Moving On” and “Fire in Her”. This band is a melting...

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Mr. Bungle Return With Extremely Timely Cover of The Exploited’s politically-charged anthem, “USA”

Mr. Bungle are back with a timely cover of one of their shared influences, uncompromising punks The Exploited and their song “USA”. Info below from the band’s Bandcamp. 100% of the proceeds from this track will go to MusiCares Covid-19 Relief Fund through July 4th: Buy the limited-edition t-shirt until July 4th by visiting our...

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Coronavirus: The Best New Songs and Albums For Self-Isolation

As COVID19 has streamlined a powerful assault on just about every Earthen industry, we are forced to stay at home and pause aspects of our lives, and the mounting stresses are real. Constants are more important than ever right now. Art is a constant. Music is a constant. These can be created in isolation and their rich emotions can be experienced in isolation. Music being released during these hazy, unseemly times is without a doubt defiant. 

New Music Friday – Essential New Artists for the True Music Connoisseur

It’s New Music Friday again, and there’s a plethora of essential new artists for all you music connoisseurs out there. Below we’ll outline our curated recommendations. Most of these picks are included on our Independent Music Worldwide playlist. Hope – Red Man Find something more powerful than this for me. Don’t worry. I’ll wait….it’s just...

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Russian Circles live

State of the Industry Address

State of the Industry Address: Taking a look at the music industry and counter-culture as we head into another decade. by Jon C. Ireson Where are we now? Where…are…we…now? I’m Jon Ireson and this is to be a “State of the Industry” address, taking a look at where music is as we are about to...

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Tool's Fear Inoculum

Tool Release 85-Minute New Album “Fear Inoculum”, Announce North American Live Dates

It’s Friday, August 30th, and you know what that means…Tool are back, and they’ve given us something serious to chew on – their 85-minute long progressive soundscape of a new album entitled “Fear Inoculum”. Surreal moments abound for Tool fans over the past few years of waiting for signs of new material, to the last...

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Musician Colin Everall performing music by TOOL

Hear TOOL’s Epic Album Trilogy Ænima, Lateralus, and 10,000 Days Performed on Solo Piano in FULL

Hear TOOL‘s Epic Album Trilogy Ænima, Lateralus, and 10,000 Days Performed on Solo Piano in FULL. Canadian musician/visual artist Colin Everall has always been an avid admirer of TOOL’s artistry and counter-culture/out-of-the-box ideas. So he decided to pay tribute in one of the most time-consuming ways possible; arranging and recording his own solo piano performances...

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Trusting the Industry

Now I know this article is going to sound self serving, but I think that it’s an important one to go over, and that is because this article is about how you need to listen to the industry people trying to give you advice. Here’s the thing about your local friendly industry person. They aren’t...

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Competitor Analysis And Your Band

So one thing that has been teaching me a ridiculous amount lately has been competitor analysis. It’s shocking how this took me so long to properly codify but when it comes down to it competitor analysis has basically singlehandedly revolutionized how I approach music marketing. It’s one of those things that we all sort of...

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Bands Still Can Explode Out Of Nowhere: The Surprising Reality

There is a myth in music today that it takes years to build up from the underground in order to become a big band. You might be saying “Sure folks like Bieber can come up out of nowhere but they are pop stars with big money behind them, my tiny indie band can’t blow up...

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Boredom And The Psychology Of Tour

One of the thing that people don’t tell you about tour is the crippling fucking boredom. I mean, I know that everyone says tour can be boring and that’s part of what makes it so hard, but guess what, take however hard you thought it was and quadruple it and add a healthy dose of...

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