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Modest Mouse Spend Eight Years to Sound Like Modest Mouse

Isaac Brock has spent the past eight years sputtering in the wilderness of his creative mind crafting Modest Mouse’s sixth album, Strangers To Ourselves. The title track slips in casually with the opening seconds. Brock’s depleted quivering lisp mixes in with strings in a swirl and brushes on the snare. It’s a slow-rocking somber opening,...

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Victory Garden – What’s Left Behind EP Review (For fans of Smashing Pumpkins, Modest Mouse)

Victory Garden are a refreshingly colourful and somewhat dramatic acoustic/alternative band from Crownpoint, Illinois, who may just be appearing at the right time given 2012’s tendency to favour the more artistic side of the musical coin. Taking their influence from renowned cult acts like Modest Mouse and Local H as well as the iconic 90’s...

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