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On The Importance Of Paying

This is a big one and one that a lot of bands don’t want to hear, but you need to talk about. Being willing to pay on time and the proper amount is paramount if you want to succeed in the music business. This is not just about having to spend money to make money...

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Stuff Bands Spend Money On When They Shouldn’t

So – one thing that drives me truly insane with independent bands is the amount of silly and unnecessary expenses that they make. This isn’t just for bands on the road too – a lot of groups who think that they are cheating the system or finding other weird ways into things are really just...

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Incentivizing Merch Sales

Incentives, they are one of the big struggles bands have when trying to develop their brand. You want to be bringing a lot ot the table with your incentives. You want to be able to be creating the sort of stuff that people actively want to be involved with. Crafting the type of content that...

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Market Segmentation And Your Indie Band

Market segmentation – now there is a fancy sounding term. It’s also a term that is going to hopefully make you and your band a whole boatload of money – or at least enough that you are able to pay for your day to day expenses. Fortunately it’s not too complicated to start doing this...

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Indie Merch Strategies

by MATT BACON > There’s a lot to pick apart at your average merch booth. Every band has their own way of doing things, but some bands clearly do way better than their peers – even if they aren’t that much bigger. Obviously some of this relies on your ability to draw superfans and how...

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Budgeting And Your Indie Band

Budgeting should really be any independent bands primary concern. Figuring out how to divvy up the money at the end of a gig and then deciding how you are going to reinvest that can, in and of itself decide the future of your band. Of course – there are pretty much as many ways to...

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What Independent Bands Still Don’t Understand About Finances

One thing that makes my life extremely hard on most days is the simple fact that most of the bands I work with don’t understand the basic economics of the music industry. And while yeah, some don’t understand that a band is investment and that you shouldn’t be paying band members until you’re pulling a...

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