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Lockdown Get-Down: Check Out All the Art, Music and Other Stuff You Can Do This Weekend

[metaslider id=13809]For many of us who have been self-isolating and now may be on mandatory quarantine, it’s been the ultimate Netflix and chill marathon. But even watching all the seasons of Friends in a row and contributing to the baby boom that will inevitably happen this December can get boring. Despite being one of the hardest...

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NYC-based Acoustic Singer Songwriter Scott Chasolen shows Music’s Power to Transform and Heal on “Living in Limbo” Album

Bold and introspective Singer Songwriter Scott Chasolen‘s new “Living in Limbo” full-length album was truly written out of urgency. The collection of intimate performances shows music’s Power to transform and heal, a process Scott himself can attest to. Scott is a well-established NYC-based musician, highly sought after for session work. He also plays in the...

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