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3 Email Etiquette Tips for Winning Over a Music Blogger’s Attention

Early bird gets the worm, and that is true for almost all online media people itching at the chance to break a story. It’s the same with music, too; journalists and bloggers take pride in “discovering the band” before anyone else, which is why they are quick to jump on premieres or new releases. But...

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A Template To Use When Contacting Music Blogs – Excerpt from “Your Band Is A Virus”

Many artists are confused as to what to include when contacting music bloggers. Opinions vary, and everyone has their own style. One thing is for certain, though. You should make things as easy as possible for the bloggers. The way I like to do this is by providing complete information with everything at their fingertips...

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The Truth About Music Blog Directories And What They Mean To Indie Bands

Many indie bands rejoice when they hear that they can look up endless music blogs in one place, the famous music blog directories, or aggregators, who are “carefully curated”. However, the trend of curated content, while very helpful, can be limiting when you’re promoting yourself, and directories should by no means be your only target....

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Tip of the day – The Daily Consciousness music blog

The Daily Consciousness is a new music blog that comes to us from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, although they most definitely cover independent artists from all over the world. We all know that promoting to music bloggers should be at the core of any serious marketing plan. I would encourage any indie artist to submit...

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A Few Words On How To Contact Music Bloggers

I’ve read some great material recently by Niall Byrne from, who put together possibly the best, most succinct and comprehensive listing of advice for independent artists who wish to send their music to music bloggers for coverage. I myself learned a few things from his advice, and plan to implement more options like Dropbox...

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