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An in-depth look at Tom Petty’s 9LP edition of Wildflowers and All the Rest (Part I)

                                   As of right now, the rerelease of 1994’s Wildflowers, Tom Petty’s second “solo” album (and accompanying second disc of the originally intended double album) is number 1 on the rock charts. A well-deserved...

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Music From the Women of New Nashville

Music From the Women of New Nashville   By Jessica Brant   Demystifying the music industry inside Nashville’s throbbing heartbeat is a task left to niche music journalists excited to crack open its chasm and expose undercover talent. Nicknamed the “Buckle of the Bible Belt,” and home to the Grand Ol’ Opry and North America’s...

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John Frusciante’s Trickfinger negotiates between chaos and peace in real-time

John Frusciante’s Trickfinger negotiates between chaos and peace in real-time When we think of an artist embarking on a solo career, it’s usually seen as a narcissistic endeavor to some degree. The dissenting member feels that their ideas need to break free of the crucible of the band and perhaps that their clout as an...

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Consciousness Amid Crisis: Elaquent’s ‘Forever is a Pretty Long Time’ and the Superiority of the Arts in Our Lives

Consciousness Amid Crisis: Elaquent’s ‘Forever is a Pretty Long Time’ and the Superiority of the Arts in Our Lives by Jessica Brant Our longest days are barely over. What feels like a sci-fi feature set in a distant, dystopian future is the current reality for millions of Americans that were forced into home confinement for...

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Bright Eyes Return to Our Sad World

By ELI JACE > As we step carefully six feet apart to avoid total societal collapse, Bright Eyes have returned to share in our collective moan. “Persona Non Grata” is the group’s first chunk of new music in 9 long years.   Musically the song is very simple, providing a walking rhythm for singer Conor...

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New Hip Hop Albums on Vinyl: Denzel Curry “ZUU” and Schoolboy Q “CrasH Talk”

Highly recommended new hip hop/rap albums on vinyl include two heavy hitters and highly anticipated releases in their own right; Florida rapper Denzel Curry’s “ZUU” and Los Angeles rapper Schoolboy Q’s “CrasH Talk”. Schoolboy Q doesn’t waste any time hitting you in the face with heavy beats and dark, heady synth-infused production on album opener...

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Beat Poet Turned Mystic Saul Williams Shines on Martyr Loser King

Review by Jon C. Ireson With Saul Williams latest stream of consciousness, the beat poet, turned mystic, turned rapper, turned icon satire, turned crooner (whew!) has managed to coalesce his strengths in to an innovative and compelling piece in Martyr Loser King. Williams previous full length release Volcanic Sunlight was a hit and miss effort...

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Thee Oh Sees Get Surfedelic on Return album, Drop

The hiatus lasted four months. Last December Thee Oh Sees leader John Dwyer announced at a show on their home turf, San Francisco, they were taking an indefinite break. Maybe Dwyer’s mind scales time differently. On April 19 Thee Oh Sees released their eighth album, Drop on Castle Face Records. It comes almost one year...

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The Haxan Cloak Excavation Album Cover on the Independent Music Promotions Blog

The Haxan Cloak conducts waves of doom on Excavation

The music of The Haxan Cloak could be the internal soundtrack in Walter White’s head as he runs around Albuquerque covering his tracks. It’s dark, foreboding and urgent; the monotonous heartbeat of waking demons. Excavation, released this year on Tri Angle Records, is a jet-black pack of drone and ambient suspense. It doesn’t really exist...

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A.L.Beatz releases “Go-Go-Girl”, hip hop and pop from Dallas, Texas

A.L.Beatz, also known as A.L.B, an up-and-coming hip hop/r & b/pop solo artist comes to us all the way from Dallas, Texas with one of his newly mastered club-ready creations, “Go-Go-Girl”. The man behind this project, Antonial Barnes, honed his skills by singing in the local church choir, a move that definitely seems to have...

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Chords of Truth – a brilliant lyricist and songwriter

Today I received a unique music submission from the acoustic solo project called Chords of Truth. I was steered towards a particular track until I began perusing the artist’s website and found something much bigger, something akin to an honest spiritual exploration. When I say that, I’m not referring to an idealogy, but more of...

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