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Exclusive interview with DE///LION

Welcome to Independent Music Promotions! Your recent music video was a great addition to the Occupy movement so congrats on that. Tell us about DE//LION and what’s new with the band. Thanks man, this video was a process of more than a year and its kind of Prophetic the relevancy for todays matters. ? Thanks...

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Fans of Patti Smith, Bjork and PJ Harvey will love Katrin the Thrill

Art is meant to stir the soul, and such is the case with the stunningly beautiful and relevant indie/alternative rock act Katrin the Thrill. It’s easy to come to the conclusion that the music industry is plagued with the hipster virus and no one is telling the truth, but that would be a lie, my...

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“Selfish” by metal newcomers Judgemetal

A good effort by independent metal act Judgemetal comes to us in the form of “Selfish”. The recording is respectable and the spirit is there, with the opening vocals reminiscent of stoner metal clutching onto a well chosen vocal line (the classic ‘Astronomy Domine’ by Pink Floyd comes to mind). The use of noise instead...

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