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Disaster Relief Release Funky, Timeless New Album “Back Into It” via Ravine Records

Disaster Relief Release Funky, Timeless New Album “Back Into It” via Ravine Records Disaster Relief‘s new album, “Back Into It” is their second full length album and continues their effort to create timeless, joyful and funky music that can serve as an escape from negative vibes surrounding us. The new album expands their eclectic, horn-driven...

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Here Are The Best New Bandcamp Albums.

Bandcamp waive their revenue share on a monthly basis now to help musicians and labels. Here Are The Best New Bandcamp Albums. They have certainly been doing their part to support musicians during this pandemic. A statement from Bandcamp: A few Fridays ago, we waived our revenue share to help musicians impacted by the Covid-19...

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Get the Lowdown on Download Royalties

Get the Lowdown on Download Royalties The word “royalty” dates back to the Middle Ages, when the noble class (royals) granted far less privileged individuals the right to extract minerals from the land they owned—for a fee, of course. So if you feel like a peasant every time you open one of your music streaming...

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James Moore music industry interview with

Interview with Independent Music Promotions Founder James Moore in MySphera Magazine

For those interested in a few new music marketing recommendations from I.M.P founder James Moore, head on over to the recent interview with MySphera, a website and platform very worthy of investigation from independent musicians and labels. James is now a MySphera tastemaker alongside some amazing brands and curators. Read the interview. Check out their...

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Release Strategy And Your Band

Bands ask PR people all the time – “What should my release strategy look like? How do I maximize my impact on the scene?” Well I have an answer for you – we are going to look at some of my favorite bands for inspiration. So often bands want to go for the idea of...

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Don’t Be A Hothead! A Primer

Here’s one of the key things that I’ve noticed a lot of bands struggle with that ruins their careers almost right off the bat every time. It’s not being able to control their emotions. This impacts every single aspect of your music career, not just the relationships it sours but the bad press it generates...

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Personalized Merch and your Indie Band

When bands ask me about fast ways to boost their income the number one answer that I have in nearly every scenario is ‘personalized merch’. How this looks can be different for everyone and I certainly think that you need to do some soul searching if you want to do it properly .But I thought...

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On The Importance Of Hardcore Friends

So here’s something I’ve noticed lately that’s honestly a little bit weird. It’s the sort of weird Jungian subconscious thing that I don’t think anyone realizes exists but when you take advantage of it you see connections that are not only amazing but also that lead to better music industry opportunities. What I am talking...

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Thoughts on Instagram Promotion for your DIY Band

Something people are always asking me about is how to expand and enhance their Instagram followings. This is symptomatic of Instagrams recent boom, not just in popularity but also in engagement. With half a billion users, most of them young, this is the next generation of smartphone friendly and highly visual social media. I know...

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On Native Content And DIY Music

Ok – this is going to be one of those articles where I talk a specific facet of social media that you don’t want to have to think about and which a lot of you are going to be pissy with me about. This is an article on the importance of native content. Native content...

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Youtube and Your DIY Band

Fuckin’ no one is taking advantage of Youtube as much as they should. I swear to god – the first underground band who properly GETS IT is going to get huge. There are a few who have started to crack the myths and suck it up and they might just explode. There is a weird...

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Big Data and Your Band

So, the data thing. I know we’re all up in arms about it but I’m not entirely sure why. I thought we all knew that this was happening? I thought we all knew that this world was impossibly fucked once we started leaking all of our data to other people? And like – the thing...

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